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We are today living in a world where people prefer to ask Google about pretty much anything they want to know. This means that a simple 2-inch ad on top of your Google search result typically works far better in terms of your car dealership marketing efforts than the huge signboard in front of your
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We are living in a business era of marketing and promotion. The more face value you have, the more expensive you are! Every business is looking for new ways of promotion to win the competition. And when the media is the internet, there are too many options that you can get confused about easily. Blogs
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According to a report conducted by Technorati back in 2013, blogs have a big influence in the buyers purchasing decision of 31% buyers. Moreover, the owner of Crazyegg, the renown Internet Marketing guru Neil Patel reported having received over 100,000 visitors to his blog in less than a year. Thanks to his consistent blogging !!!
The simplest way to explain the importance of your website is to tell you that it is your voice, IT IS YOU! In this virtual world, you really don’t get the chance to put on your best suit or dress and stand before a crowd that has come to listen to what you have to