There are times when your website no matter whether it is Ecommerce or Corporate that it is just not performing well and is in need of some site diagnostics. You have come to the right place if this is what you are in need of. There are some common malfunctions and web problems that a site can be hit with and you as the owner may not even be aware of something wrong other than feeling your site is simply not performing.

Best Malware Removal

Malware is something that is dangerous to your site and at the very worst can cause it to crash or at the very least be most annoying. It can become part of your site’s code without you even realizing it. It comes in various forms such as viruses, worms and trojans. Our highly skilled team of experts have all of the knowledge and expertise needed to identify the problem using the best malware removal techniques. Once it is identified then removed we can continue will adding protection to your site to avoid these problems in the future.

Scan and Security Extensions Install

If you don’t understand the behind the scenes workings of your website it is impossible for you to really know how much security you really have and at how much risk your site is at. Our experts will perform the necessary scans to determine this and add the security extensions that are going to give you a secure presence on the web.Design/CSS tweaks

CSS Design & Tweaking

CSS stands for cascading style sheets and is the functionality behind how your site is portrayed. Often there are small flaws in the CSS that won’t allow you to get exactly what you want from the looks and performance in your site. By talking to our CSS professionals and indicating what it is that you want they can easily tweak the CSS for you so you have everything you  need to have in your site

Broken Site Redesign

There are times when a web site is broken to the point where it needs a total redesign. This is nothing to worry about if you put this problem in the hands of our site repair and upgrade team here at Krypton IT. Our website trouble shooting techniques will determine where and what the problems are. A full report of the issues will be given to you and our recommendations.

CMS Version Upgrade

No doubt if you have an established website you are quite comfortable with its operation. You may not realize that your content management system (CMS) is grossly outdated or capable of doing much more for you. There is no need to start all over again with a new CMS system as we will be able to do a CMS version upgrade for you. Just give us a call here at Krypton and let us do an analysis of your CMS system so we can better advise you as what is needed to enhance it.

Don’t remain frustrated with a poor performing site any longer. Let us put our website trouble shooting skills into action for you. Once we have identified and fixed your site’s problems for you it is going to give you a fresh start to success.