About Krypton

Here in this London web design agency, we are a group of professional IT providers who cater to new starters of online business, as well as those who have been online for many years and have a strong desire to scale up their business and increase their profits. A successful business on the internet takes a lot of dedication and attention. Knowing how to sell online has to be your responsibility, but ours is to give you all the tools and resources to accomplish that successfully and put you ahead of your competition.

Time is money when it comes to business, and our services are designed in such a way that permits your website to be self-sufficient so you can get on with what you do best, which is sell your service or product.
Although we are experts in the field of providing internet technology we offer our services in such a way that they are simple to understand and use, and we insure that each and every client is kept fully informed as to our progress on their site. Once your site is completed you are going to feel comfortable in being able to maintain it an easy manner.
Also, once we have completed our work for you then you also are welcome to contact us when you have a business need.

If it’s an E-commerce website that you are looking for then we should be your professionals of choice. This type of website can be overwhelming for the new business owner, but we take the confusion out of owning and operating this type of site. It E-commerce is not what you need then no worries, as we can build whatever type of website or webpage that you need.

It all begins with us getting to know you and what your business needs are. The Krypton IT representative that is assigned to your business will be your liaison between our IT technicians and you to ensure that all of your requirements are known and fulfilled.

All too often other IT Companies cater to the larger Corporation and the new, or small to medium businesses are left without the technology they need to grow their business. We are here to change that with our easy to use systems, state of the art technology, and affordable pricing.
It doesn’t matter what your business needs may be, how inexperienced you are with having a website, or what your budget is, we can help you have an online web presence that is going to be your greatest resource for churning a profit.

Don’t wait another day to put your web business at the top of the search engines. Fill out our easy no obligation Quote form and let’s get your business at the top where it should be!



  • We are experts in IT technology
  • We care about the small and new businesses.
  • We treat each client and their business as unique.
  • We believe in honesty and keeping your web building simple.
  • Our customer service is continued service and you are our priority.
  • Fair pricing is something every business owner deserves and we provide this.
  • We believe in the future and that means we believe in you and your business.
  • Your business is our passion.