Let Us Help You Choose and Build the Right Content Management System for Your Business

Content management systems are known as CMS. It is what allows you to be able to publish content on your site and do many other important steps to get it to function the way that you want it to.

It is the system that allows you set up your blogs, or post news or provides a shopping environment for your visitors. You need a content management system to run your website and these take a lot of work and planning to set up correctly. You may have seen offerings for ready to go websites and been tempted to opt in for one of these instead of building your site from the ground up. These types of systems are almost like filling in a bunch of different forms with your business content. The problem is they are very limited in what you can do and they are very generic. Here at Krypton we can put your entire CMS system in place, using the one that is going to benefit your business the most. When it comes to content management systems while there are many, there are only a few that are tried and tested and known to be trustworthy.

This is probably the one that most people feel the most comfortable with because of its ease of use and the many options it allows to make a site unique. Our Krypton IT experts can easily get your wordpress site up and running and optimized for you. Then once the site is placed in your hands you can easily carry on with its maintenance and growth. WordPress as a CMS is an ideal choice for the new online starter or for those that don’t need anything too advanced.

This is another content management system that is more applicable for the advanced or more complex website. In terms of setting up there is more technology behind it but nothing that our Internet technology professionals can’t handle. This system has many more modules to it, which means a greater learning curve for the web owner. It is the type of platform that allows for growth.

If your business is going to demand an Ecommerce platform then you may want to consider our services for setting your up with the Magento CMS. This is a type of selling site that works well for the beginner right up to the type of store that is going to be offering hundreds of products. It is flexible and can be customized by us to meet your business solutions.

Open Cart:
This is another ecommerce solution that also boasts of an easy to use CMS system. It can be a little complex in setting up but once our experts have completed the building of your Open Cart Ecommerce site you can easy carry on with the maintenance and updating that will keep you ahead of your competition.

The type of content management system that you choose to be the operating foundation for your business is critical to its success. Don’t waste your time taking weeks or months trying to set up and master your CMS. Let us do all this for you so you can just get on with what you do best, which is selling your product or service. Just fill in our handy contact form so we can talk about what is best for your business.