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We are living in a business era of marketing and promotion. The more face value you have, the more expensive you are! Every business is looking for new ways of promotion to win the competition. And when the media is the internet, there are too many options that you can get confused about easily.

Blogs have never been into the limelight due to its casual nature. Blogs are supposed to be for general readers and knowledge seekers. And that is the magic formula! Business is all about general people as they are the prospective customers, right?

Being Low Profile is The Prime Sign of High Profiles, and that is what about BLOGS!  BLOGS! The Best Thing For Your Business Banner1
BLOGS! The Best Thing For Your Business pie chart xxl  47% of buyers view 3-5 pieces of content before engaging with a sales rep. (Demand Gen Report, 2016)
BLOGS! The Best Thing For Your Business pie chart xxl  37% of marketers say blogs are the most valuable type of content marketing. (Source: BlogHer)
BLOGS! The Best Thing For Your Business pie chart xxl  By 2017, it is projected that 128 million people in the US will be blog readers. (Source: MyMarketingDept.)
BLOGS! The Best Thing For Your Business pie chart xxl  92% of companies who bl og multiple times per day have acquired a customer from their blog. (Source: HubSpot)

BLOGS! The Best Thing For Your Business really 1

Yeah! Those are truths. It should not give you a heart attack but a bit of sadness if you are not using blogs as your marketing tactic yet.

A natural question comes to mind when you are so much biased to blogs. Which is –

Why Blogs? Why not other paid tactics?  BLOGS! The Best Thing For Your Business banner2

You can always use other methods. But you must compare the outcomes to get best ROI. Also, each method and tools available in the market have distinct features and usefulness. Now the very next question comes into mind is –

Why is Blog the better choice?  BLOGS! The Best Thing For Your Business banner3

I would say the blog is more a must thing rather a choice. Let me give you some points to defend my judgment.

BLOGS! The Best Thing For Your Business pie chart xxl 81% of U.S. online consumers trust information and advice from blogs. (Source: BlogHer)

Blogs are more like free thoughts, reviews, emotions and informal texts which contain information people love to read and consider as a source of easy knowledge. Blogs have the power of winning the trust of the audience since they are written mostly with an objective of general knowledge share.
BLOGS! The Best Thing For Your Business pie chart xxl 61% of U.S. online consumers have made a purchase based on recommendations from a blog. ( BlogHer)

On the internet, people take a decision of purchasing a product when he/she is convinced reading texts/blogs about it. Mostly reviews and knowledge sharing posts. So, a business owner can always use blogs for increasing his/her sale.

BLOGS! The Best Thing For Your Business pie chart xxl Small businesses that blog get 126% more lead growth than small businesses that do not blog. (ThinkCreative)

Blogs are the source of easy knowledge. When you share knowledge about the industry/product/service, it shows how good the company/business is in its area of business. And, that is something builds the good will/impression for the company.

BLOGS! The Best Thing For Your Business pie chart xxl B2B marketers who use blogs generate 67% more leads than those that do not. (InsideView)

Blogs could be the best weapon for generating leads which could be used for increasing sales. A simple lead generation form as an inclusion of the blog can do this easily. But, the blog has to be something important and useful to read. Your audience gets impressed and leaves hi/her email address as fruit, Hola!

Let's Save Some Money!  BLOGS! The Best Thing For Your Business banner4

Blogs are cheaper in price comparing to other text formats like sales copy or newsletter(Though those are also important and useful) when you hire a writer(me!).

BLOGS! The Best Thing For Your Business pie chart xxl Among those who use e-mail marketing, companies that blog get twice as much traffic from their email than those who don’t.(HubSpot)

Other than that, if you are running a PPC campaign, the network will charge you for each impression or click, right? Now think about a blog, you pay your writer once to craft it and publish, after that you can eat the fruits for free till the world ends. That is helpful for a much better-pointed investment. (Yeah, there is a bit of my promotion lol)

Google is The BOSS!

BLOGS! The Best Thing For Your Business pie chart xxl On average, companies that blog receive 434% more indexed pages. (HubSpot)

Blogs are the most favorite content type of Google. Google focuses on general audiences, and blog is something written for general audiences. Besides, a blog campaign using targeted KWs can boost a company’s SE rank, and that is not magic. Secrets behind are –

  • Blogs are something people share on social medias.
  • Blogs are something people hit like for.
  • Blogs are something people like to refer to their friends when it is something useful.
  • Blogs are something people read more than any other texts available on the internet since they are considered non-commercial.

The Color is always More Appealing Than Black and White!

Nowadays the blogs have become far more powerful with multimedia contents. Attractive banners, infographics, and even videos are getting used for serving information in a much smarter way. When you are pointing your audience with different senses, the possibility of convincing the audience increases in many times, makes sense right?

More Options Mean More Useful!

In today’s word, the blog has different formats. Text, Image, Audio, Video, etc. Each type has its power of the engaging audience. It will be your decision which one you need in a certain scope. When you have more than one option, you can make more suitable use of that tool.

BLOGS! The Best Thing For Your Business bored girl1

Bored and tired of reading? Too lengthy? Not my fault! You wanted the proof lol. Those points should earn me some blog writing orders by now! lol.

Now The Challenging Part!

The statistics I have shared by now should tell you that smart business already using blogs to generate more sells. And certainly, some of them are your competitors. Now how to defeat them? Good question when the answer is “Smart Blogs.” If you are different from the crowd, you will always grab the attention. That is the trick; you have to focus on the innovative ideas when you or your writer is crafting a blog. Always make your blog interesting with images, videos and even audios in some cases. Study your audience’s psychology so that you know what you need to add and what not on your blog.
In the business world, winning is all about right investment following innovative ideas. Your business ideas should have a source of your target audience’s psychology. If you know your market; you know what to sell and how to sell. And, right kind of blog campaign could be the answer of ‘How.’

If you need any help regarding content writing or digital marketing or any consultation, I would love to come forward. You can send your queries through the RED BUTTON  called Free Quote top right on this screen. I will get back to you.

Thanks for reading my post, it means a lot to me 🙂

Blog Writing Services

According to a report conducted by Technorati back in 2013, blogs have a big influence in the buyers purchasing decision of 31% buyers. Moreover, the owner of Crazyegg, the renown Internet Marketing guru Neil Patel reported having received over 100,000 visitors to his blog in less than a year. Thanks to his consistent blogging !!!

Blogging emerged as a platform or cyberspace where people could express their opinions or share their daily experiences. Yet, over time, blogging got to become the ultimate online tool for traffic generation.

Business owners may have different purposes when keeping a blog. Some focus on providing information, other on interacting with their customers, some others to establish their brand or name. In all cases, the underlying purpose of a blog is the promotion of services or products. This can be successfully achieved if the blog is properly managed.

A few years ago, being an Internet marketer was easier. Social media were a golden goose, and having a good Facebook page with a considerable amount of likes was all you needed for a successful media strategy.  However, Google has been changing its algorithm, and organic reach on Facebook has suffered a noticeable decline. Although social media presence is still mandatory, it´s not enough. So, counting on a website, having corporate accounts on the different social media are basic online tools, but having a blog or a blog section within your business website is what can make the biggest impact when it comes to positioning your business and attracting visitors.

Let´s overview the ways a blog can actually lead you to commercial success:

1- Ranking high with great content!

Ranking  Business + Blogs = More Business traffic 1597342 960 720

Search engines, such as Google, adore new content! Your blog posts need to provide useful content, be reader-friendly and be search engine optimized. Basically, besides providing catchy and valuable content, SEO concepts need to be applied in each blog post to help your site rank within the first results for the proper and relevant keywords.

2-Get ready to receive a load of visitors!
Visitors  Business + Blogs = More Business website 1292338 960 720

Publishing informative and/or entertaining articles will increase users trust as well as traffic to your website. A good blog posts author will take advantage of inbound links to direct your visitors to the main pages of your website. Additionally, the more new content you upload, the more chances you will have to reach more public and increase traffic to your website. Not to mention, of course, that consistently uploading optimized content to your blog will contribute to point 1 too!

3-Let your blog create your reputation

Typically, people don´t type the name of a company. They usually end up on a company´s website when searching for information or solutions to a particular issue. “How can I…?”, “Why…”, “How To…?”, “What is the best..?”.  Regardless of your business field, if you can answer their questions, solve their needs, you will be positioning yourself or your brand as an expert. You will be building trust on the information you provide and, consequently, on the products or services you offer.

Providing quality content is vital. It´s not about writing about the wonders of your products or services; it is about giving the readers the information they need. If you build trust providing valuable information, you will soon establish your business as a leader in the industry, no matter how small your business may be.

4- Blogging to gain clients´ unconditional loyalty

Customer Loyalty  Business + Blogs = More Business 15 1492246702 friend

 Through an active blog, you can interact with your visitors. You can engage them to comment on your post by asking them for their opinions, or simply allow them to make comments, ask questions or give feedback. Reading and responding to your visitors ´comments and questions will create affinity and rapport while providing you a valuable insight on your visitor’s opinions and needs. Furthermore, you can even use your blog to try new ideas and get instant feedback.

Lee Oden (Digital Marketing strategist, author, and speaker) once said:  “Content is the reason search began in the first place.” So, people browse primarily searching for content. And given considering that there is a constant bombarding of new content filling the cyberspace, it is providing the best possible content what can make a blog reach and retain visitors.

Here lies the importance of taking the most advantage of every uploaded blogpost. No one can afford to risk a reader because of bad content. To make a simple post a real Internet marketing tool, it is then crucial to let an expert do it. An experienced content writer knows how to present interesting and valuable information while making the post engaging and reader-friendly. Also, a professional content writer will apply the best and latest SEO practices to make the website rank on the first pages, thus reaching the largest amount of readers.

Each reader – or visitor- is a potential client. So, would you risk not reaching them because of poor content?

A leader in any business area knows the importance of delegating. Learn from the leaders, and delegate each task of your business to an experienced professional. Apply this to blogging too and see your business grow!

The simplest way to explain the importance of your website is to tell you that it is your voice, IT IS YOU! In this virtual world, you really don’t get the chance to put on your best suit or dress and stand before a crowd that has come to listen to what you have to say. If you were in this type of scenario then you would definitely want to look better than anyone else that is presenting themselves and be better prepared than them. That is why you need to build a website better than the rest and you may want to use the best website developer to do.

Okay, now you may be feeling a little down at that last sentence thinking about the hefty price that can come with using a professional website developer. It doesn’t have to be that way. There are a few things that really escalate the cost of building a website.

Too elaborate of a web platform

Many times when the new web owner decides they are going to pay to have their site built they figure they might as get the most flashy and elaborate web platform there is. This is where it starts to cost big bucks. The more elaborate the web platform the more difficult it is to build so it is more time consuming for the web builder. The solution is to go with a simple web theme and design which doesn’t mean you are going to be sacrificing anything. It doesn’t mean that yours will be any less effective than your competitors. The design is only one part of it and if you save some money here it allows you to expand more if necessary in the other very important parts of web development.

Maintenance costs

Its much more difficult for the site owner to maintain later when a web platform is complex or extravagant. You want to have yourself in a position where you can control your site once it is complete.

No plan to carry through

Starting a website demands a plan. Otherwise out of desperation and excitement you start buying professional services that you are just not ready for. If money is tight, then start with the basic website building plan. Having done right the first time is going to give you the right start and you won’t flounder or end up with a site that has a little bit of everything and a whole lot of nothing. You have to think about your web design, your content, your target market, lead generation, social marketing and it goes on. Start by focusing on one thing at a time, and this is where your plan comes in. Now it can be pretty difficult to draft a plan when you don’t really understand all the necessities of web building.

Just these three areas that we have talked about is automatically going to set you up to have a website that truly is better than the rest. What we mean by better than the rest are your competitors. Now sure they may already have a website with all the bells and whistles, but you will too but only the ones that are truly going to pay off for you if you decide to build a website the right way.

If you are interested in knowing more about website planning then be sure to come back and visit us as we are going to have a draft plan that will act as a roadmap for you to follow to help you with your web presence.

Having your website developed is probably something you will want to leave in the hands of the professional web developers. Although with so many free site building adventures available on the internet it is easy to be tempted to build your own site. There is nothing wrong with this and it really does give you an introduction into the web building process.

You will probably find though that after awhile you will be just too limited in what these free sites will allow you to do. You will soon gain a hunger to have a professional site built that is going to give you all the opportunity you need to build your web business to the level of success that really is possible.

It all begins with choosing the right web developers. This means that you need experts in this field that are going to work with you by including you in the step by step process. Otherwise you are going to feel lost and not in control. It is imperative that you always feel confident as being in control of your business which includes your site.

It is going to be really tempting to have flashy graphics and super looking website. This desire is because you are focusing on what you want your visitors to see. Yes, this is very important, but first you have to devote your thinking as to how the search engines are going to see your site. Don’t forget that the search engines use robots or crawlers to view your site and they don’t perceive visually like you or your visitors do.

So the goal here is to please both worlds. Your visitors world and the search engine world.

You may have heard of html, and even know a little about it by now. To the search engines this complex language is the most understandable to them. So this means your site has to be html friendly for them. One area that often gets ignored is the non text content. These are items like your images and flash files. Chances are you are not too familiar with these and that is just one reason why you will want to depend on professional web builders to do your site building for you. Once the important features are put in place it is easy for you to maintain your site afterwards because you basically have the right foundation in place for you.

Another thing that the search engines have to be able to decipher is your links. By having these presented in a good structure it means the crawlers or spiders are able to follow an easy path. Much of the work here goes into building the navigation of your site properly.

Another area of importance and this one you are very familiar with is your keywords. Your use of keywords helps the search engines to sort out where they need to place you in your index. This means that the content that is going to be easily indexed from your site has to contain those key words.

This can all be a little overwhelming and it really is the technical size of your search engine optimization. By knowing some of the technicalities that are involved with your web development it may help to take out some of the sting of what you think has been your failure while trying to build a site that just isn’t getting you the right results.

Be sure to leave a comment here about your web development frustrations, and please contact us if you think our most reasonably priced services are what you need to scale up your business.